(Chile, b. 1975)

Sebastián Errázuriz is an award winning Chilean composer. Besides that, he’s a musical producer and conductor for theater and films music.

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1975, he began his musical career as a teenager, in the Projazz Academy studying guitar and harmony as well as participating in choirs. His professional education in composition started in the Instituto Profesional Escuela Moderna de Musica. Later he went on to earn a Master of Arts Degree from Universidad de Chile. His main professors have been Juan Orrego Salas, Guillermo Rifo, Jorge Martínez, Luis José Recart, Aliocha Solovera and Toly Ramírez. Later he studied Orchestra Conduction with Professor Eduardo Browne.

He is the Musical Director of Universidad San Sebastián since 2012. He founded Colectivo Los Musicantes at Projazz Profesional Institut premmiering a wide range of new works by chilean young composers.

Works by Sebastián Errázuriz at Filarmonika Music Publishing

Works under Digital Distribution
Siete proposiciones sensibles pero sensatas 2004 string orchestra 12:30
Geografía del desastre 2010 orchestra 09:30

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