(Peru, b. 1973)

Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann was born in Lima and had an early start in music, having studied violin in his hometown with Luis Fiestas and Veronique Daverio. He moved to Brazil in 1989 where he received a Bachelor’s degree in violin from the Santa Marcelina School in Sao Paulo. In 1998 he traveled to the USA where he obtained his master’s degree in composition at Florida International University in Miami. As a disciple of John Harbison and Lukas Foss, he completed his doctorate in composition at Boston University in 2004. From 2004 to 2010 he acted as professor of music theory and composition at the University of Nevada (Las Vegas) and as founder and co-director of contemporary music festival NEON. He is currently a composition teacher at the School of Music at Ithaca College (New York), where he also conducts the Ithaca College Contemporary Ensemble. He is also director of áltaVoz, a consortium of Latin American composers in the United States and director of the composition area of ​​VIPA, Valencia International Performance Academy, in Valencia, Spain.

The music of Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann has been described as “evocative and lyrical”, capable of “drawing the audience into a wonderful sound world.” An artist of broad interests ranging from philosophy to literature, film, and visual arts, his works often seek to find parallels between music and the other arts. As a citizen of the world and a product of the fusion of diverse cultures (his father was a distinguished Peruvian scientist and his mother a Brazilian plastic artist of Austrian origin) he expresses in his works an intrinsic cosmopolitanism, which reflects a fervent fascination for the musical tradition of Central Europe, particularly the Second Vienesse School, as well as the influence of the rich vernacular traditions of the countries where he has lived: Andean music, whose traditional and millenary instruments have been used in works such as Whistling Vessels (which combines whistling vessels within a set of European instruments) and Brazilian music, with its complex and sophisticated rhythmic structure, itself a product of African influence.

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Works under Digital Distribution
Pasiphaë 2002 orchestra 12:00
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 2014 piano & orchestra 21:00

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