(Bolivia, b. 1958)

Agustín Fernández is a Bolivian composer, now resident in the United Kingdom, where he teaches composition at Newcastle University.

He was born in Cochabamba in 1958. Following studies in his native city at Instituto Laredo, he became a pupil of Alberto Villalpando in La Paz, and of Takashi Iida and Akira Ifukube in Japan. In Tokyo he also studied the violin under the eminent Takeshi Kobayashi.

In 1984 he settled in the UK and studied for an MMus at Liverpool University and a PhD at City University, London.

I write concert and stage music seeking to engage in a dialogue with the classical tradition, while continuing to absorb the experiences of the recent past to formulate viable directions for the future informed by the popular musics I have come into contact. 

Works by Agustín Fernández at Filarmonika Music Publishing

Works under Digital Distribution
Distant Episodes 2009 2 pianos 12:00
Tres canciones sobre poemas de Rachel 1976 choir 07:00
Collier’s Rant 2013 choir 06:30
Collier’s Rant 2013 4 choirs 06:30
Alquimia 2006 voice & piano 11:00
Munirando II 1994 violin & piano 14:00
Souvenir de Teoponte 2011 double bass & piano 12:00
Souvenir de Teoponte 2017 cello & piano 12:00
Trío 2003 violin, cello & piano 14:00
String Quartet Nº2, ‘Sin tiempo’ 2013 string quartet 21:00
Río Bravo 2016 ensemble 11:00
Notes from Underground 2016 baritone, choir & ens. 18:00
Collier’s Rant 2015 string orchestra 07:00

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