Why digital distribution?

So much great music from Latin America. So many talented composers. Yet, so very few works get published because the cost of doing it is quite high. How can we make more of this music known to the world’s ears?  Here is what we can do about it:

Why not let the composers sell their self-published works through us? This way we can offer many more works at considerably lower prices. Let’s curate those works and offer them as pdf files, further saving the buyer the expenses of printing and shipping.

Latin American music is a world in itself. It can not be defined by a few stereotypes. It encompasses a wide —and wild— spectrum: from music closely based on traditional melodies and styles, showing the deep conection to joy, sorrow, and local identities that listeners have come to expect from it, to avant-garde real-time electroacustic pieces, to very abstract and personal explorations of sound and expression in western traditional formats. And anything and everything in between.

Now it’s your chance to explore what’s in store for you.

A world of music opens up.