Filarmonika Music Publishing was established in 2007 by renowned Peruvian orchestra conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya. Having witnessed the difficulty of locating and programming important Latin American repertoire, because of the absence of an editorial or legal representative for those works and the lack of performing materials that comply with professional standards of quality, Harth-Bedoya sought to create a company that filled that gap.

Our goal is to preserve, develop and promote the music of Latin America, spanning all eras. We offer composers a much higher proportion of profits than the Music publishers’ average, to encourage continued creativity. We put music, composers, and artistic excellency before our bottom line. Our editions are of the highest quality, both in content and in form, designed to the highest demands of function and aesthetics, and made explicitly for performance, since we are convinced that music is alive as long as it is played.

Our catalog includes works by renowned 20th-century composers such as Celso Garrido-Lecca, Enrique Iturriaga and Francisco Pulgar-Vidal, all of whose complete catalogs we are pleased to offer. We have also published important works belonging to the Latin American cultural legacy, such as those by Chileans Enrique Soro and Alfonso Leng, Peruvian José María Valle-Riestra, Italian-Peruvian Claudio Rebagliati, and Colombians Alejandro Tobar, Santos Cifuentes and Adolfo Mejía. We have a growing collection of Baroque works, as well as a colorful set of orchestral arrangements of traditional music representative of various countries. But our strength lies in the discovery and promotion of a new generation of young composers on the rise, including Peruvians Jimmy López and Gonzalo Garrido-Lecca, Colombians Víctor Agudelo and Diego Vega, Chileans Sebastián Errázuriz, Sebastián Vergara and Carlos Zamora, and the Argentine Esteban Benzecry, among others.

Through our Digital Distribution department we give even more talented composers the opportunity to offer their self-published works at very accessible prices and convenient conditions, thus saving the expenses of professional editing, printing and shipping.

We are a motivated and highly specialized team, working together from multiple locations around the world to offer a warm and efficient experience to our clients and composers. We are deeply committed to them and to you, as well as to the music itself.

We appreciate your preference for Filarmonika Music Publishing because with each work you buy or rent you are supporting the development and appreciation of Latin American musical heritage and its composers.